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Product samples for Shanghai Qianshan Piping Technology Co., Ltd.(QSPT) Are exhibited in GMPC of ETW Japan.

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Open Time: Monday ~ Friday Tokyo 9:30-17:30 (All Year)

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Piping Plant Design Software and Management Software System

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  • PDSOFT Piping Prefabrication Detail Design SoftwareThe PDSOFT piping prefabrication detail design software quickly generates drawings. This software is applicable for various drawings, prints and levels in the Design Institutes to quickly produce ISO drawings and spool drawings.
    Generating ISO Drawing: The marks on the drawings are the number of the spool number, weld number ...
  • PDSOFT Piping Process Management SoftwareThis software can record various kinds of information for pipe prefabrication.
    The PDSFOT piping process management software can prepare materials automatically as per ISO drawing and spool piece drawing; special signs would be marked for ISO drawing and spool piece drawing, which meets the prefabricating conditions; and the material-delivering list can be printed automatically when ...
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